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Panther is free and open media converter that you can use to convert your music and videos from one format to the other. No more format incompatibilities! Just convert your song your video to the format you want!

Featuring a simple and easy to use interface, it can get you started on your conversion task within a moment. A fast conversion engine and also features a simple UI for newbies and an advanced one for the pros! Special features include reducing the size of audio without affect the quality much! Also supported presets for converting videos!



Many a times we come across situations where we need a particular audio or video in a specfic format so that the application or the player can play it! More so when we use a mobile, videos need to be scaled down to the 3GP format and so on.

So the idea started when I found that many converters existed but good ones didn't come for free. And after a certain point they put some watermark on your video or spoil your media in some way or the other. So I thought why not make my own software for this. Thus Panther evolved!



Panther has just hit its stable version. And it is capable of converting both audio and video into various formats. You can even reduce the size of your MP3s so that you can store more songs in the same disk space. You can even create presets to simplify your task of providing the specific settings of your video conversion process.

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Panther is a free and open-source software. Head over to the Downloads page to download it now!


I am Sankha Narayan Guria. A student of Systems Science @ IIT Rajasthan, First Year. Most of my software projects are developed in my free time. Feel free to explore my Github repositories!
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