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Codejudge is cool system to host coding competitions, something very similar to ICPC or like the Codechef website. Only better, because you can hack on Codejudge to customise it and run it from anywhere, even from your system!

Getting Codejudge

You can get the latest source of Codejudge from the repository here. You might just want to download the ZIP archive.

Codejudge is hell easy to setup. The instructions are given here.

In case you are interested

Codejudge is still in its infant stages of development. If you find any bugs or security loopholes in Codejudge please do report them here. Or better still, fork Codejudge on Github and start hacking on it. I'll be waiting for your pull request.


Codejudge is made with all the love by @sankha93. Find me @sankha93 on Twitter.

Support or Contact

If you have a bug report or feature request then post it on the Codejudge issues or mail me at [email protected] and I will get back to you.